Vision Board Classes

Vision boards are amazing. This isn’t just cutting and sticking a few things from a magazine and hoping that they will manifest. 

Vision Boards can be a great way to really focus on what you want to achieve in life, intentions you want to set and goals you want to reach.  However you do need to put some work into making them really work for you; it’s not something to do once, never look at again and file away in a drawer. 

Vision Boards and the work that goes into them can help you cultivate a positive mindset, something I work on regularly with my clients. Let your Vision Board serve as a daily reminder and a guide to working towards your goal; they are a great way to help you visualise your dream life every day. I’m not talking about putting up pictures of yachts and fast cars, designer handbags and a beach holiday on a piece of paper and thinking the this is going to come your way.  Vision Boards are a tool to help you cultivate a positive mindset, to set intention and to help you live your life with purpose to achieve goals, it doesn’t happen without the hard work I’m afraid.

I hold three hour classes, where we explore your hopes, dreams, identify your goals and your desires and we work on how to achieve inspired action to making them a reality.  This can be done in a corporate or personal setting.

A physical vision board is made during this fun, interactive session as well as a focus on mindset, taking inspired action and what to do once you’ve completed your board – for corporate classes in your area or to book a private class for you and 5 friends; email me: rachel@rachelletham.com