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Coaching Programmes for individuals

Coaching over coffee

Whether you’re a coffee drinker or not; this is a coaching offer where we sit and chat over a hot beverage of choice and work through key areas you want to work on. This can be in real life (mine’s a black Amerciano please) or via Zoom if we are working globally. Following a discovery session to understand your needs; we will work in 2 hour sessions over an agreed period of time to help you reach your goal, create a business strategy, work on your positive mindset or get your ready to achieve that promotion.

Most clients work on a three or four session programme in this way

You can book a FREE Discovery Call with me right here >> Discovery Call


I offer a 6 or 12 session programme bespoke to you.  This program involves weekly 1:1 sessions, each lasting around 2 hours, with clear actions to take you from session to session. 

Identifying the areas clients want to work on, raising the energy levels to achieve goals.

Plotting out a route map to success and being clear on navigational points along the way

I currently have a limited number of slots for Discovery Calls to allow you to learn more about coaching and for me to learn more about how I can help you.  No investment needed, just around 45 minutes of your time. 

You can book a FREE Discovery Call with me right here >> Discovery Call


An annual coaching partnership, featuring a bespoke welcome pack; with an initial coaching session identifying the areas clients want to work on.

Followed by 2 full-day clarity sessions, monthly check in call, monthly action setting, whatsapp support, monthly reading list, Personal Brainwaves session and much more!